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Unformatted text preview: on to agree to attractive terms, & then the terms are changed to be less favorable Foot­in­the­door technique Foot­in­the­door technique Small request followed by a larger request Once you have agreed to the small request, you are more likely to go along with the larger request ► Door­in­the­face technique Large request followed by a smaller request If you refuse the large request, you are likely to be compliant with the smaller request, which seems reasonable in comparison D – Group Influence D – Group Influence Social facilitation Social facilitation ►due to presence of others (pos or neg) ►the presence of others tends to enhance performance on simple tasks impair performance on complex tasks Also impaired on tasks for which we are unskilled ►Audience effects the influence of passive spectators ►Co­action effects The influence of the presence of other people engaged in the same task ►Social loafing: Bibb Latane, 1981 exert less effort when working in a group than when alone. ever do a group project? Lim, 2002 Study – showed that social loafing is a problem in many workplaces, especially where employees have unlimited access to the Internet Promoted by: Promotedby: larger group N no individual evaluation of input or output If there is a possibility that group members’ performance will be compared to some standard, social loafing decreases. The effects of the group on decision The effects of the group on decision making p. 324 ►Group polarization: Group discussion often causes persons to shift to more extreme positions ► See example next slide Group Polarization Group Polarization ► The student radical group OUR­ED, known for noisy sit­in demonstrations held a meeting last week. Before the meeting began, as people gathered and talked, many individual members suggested that stronger actions had to be taken to increase funding to schools. The entire meeting was devoted to this topic. As a result of the meeting we could expect: ► more aggressive confrontations from this group. The effects of the group on decision making The effe...
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