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Unformatted text preview: e ignore or pay attention to ►Self­fulfilling prophesy Self­Fulfilling Prophecy Self­Fulfilling Prophecy ► Stereotyping can cause individuals to behave in ways that reflect the expectation ► For example, if people think that members of a particular group lack ambition, they may treat them in a way that actually brings about a lack of ► Example – Jane Elliot’s classroom ► http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bWlTZZN3DY&feature=related So why do we care about first So why do we care about first impressions? Do they really matter? ►The critical aspect of first impressions is that they ACT AS FILTERS FOR LATER INFORMATION ► Our impression of another person is the first the information we receive about information influenced by more the person than by information that comes later. How can that be? be? ►PE continues to influence later impressions ►PE is framework / filter ►Info accepted or disregarded Social Cognition: Understanding Others Social Cognition: Understanding Others ► Impression formation The process by which an individual organizes information about another person to form an overall impression of that person. ► Central traits – Major traits utilized to form an overall impression of others We pay special consideration to these particularly important traits They alter the meaning of other traits How We Feel May Influence How How We Feel May Influence How We See You ► Our schemas are susceptible to error. For example, our mood affects how we perceive others. People who are happy form more favorable impressions and make more positive judgments than people who are in a bad mood Happy Happy ► Attributions try to explain behavior Fundamental Attribution Error Fundamental Attribution Error ► Overemphasize dispositional and underemphasize s...
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