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Lab 2 Answers_Spring08 - Name: ________ ANSWERS ___________...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: ________ ANSWERS ___________ PSY031 Spring08 L a b # 2 Page 1 of 10 I. Descriptive Statistics and SPSS In an article published by Einon (1994), males were found to be more sexually promiscuous (i.e., had more sexual partners) compared to females. A similar set of data was used by Chatterjee, et al. (1995) to investigate the descriptive statistics of the findings (see file SEXUALACTIVITY.xls on blackboard under COURSE DOCUMENTS > LAB INFORMATION > LAB#2 INFORMATION). Use SPSS to answer the following questions . A. Insert the data into SPSS: Go to BLACKBOARD and save the file SEXUALACTIVITY.xls to the desktop Click on the SPSS icon on the desktop or under the Start Menu Click on OPEN AN EXISTING DATA SOURCE MORE FILES Go to the DESKTOP , change the FILES OF TYPE to EXCEL (if you dont change this, you will not be able to see SEXUALACTIVITY.XLS ) Click on SEXUALACTIVITY followed by OPEN Make sure Read variable names from the first row of data is not selected. Click OK Save your new SPSS spreadsheet In the DataViewer youll see two columns of data. If you click on Output (on your lower tool bar) youll see a log of what you just did. For this data, first we need to make another column & label the variables in SPSS. To do so, make sure youre in the DataViewer. B. Restructuring and labeling variables: On the toolbar, select Data > Restructure Select the first radial button ( Restructure selected variables into cases) then click next Select the first radial button for one variable to restructure then click next Move V2 and V3 into the Target Variable box. Change the name of the Target Variable from trans1 to no_partners . Click next. Select the first radial button for one we are creating one new index variables. Click next. Click next. Select the first radial button for Drop variables under Handling of Variables not selected box. Click next. Click finished. Name: ________ ANSWERS ___________ PSY031 Spring08 L a b # 2 Page 2 of 10 Now you should see three variables in your data file. The first variable, id, is an anchor-point and refers to the original data file. The second variable is related to gender with 1 as male and 2 as female. This is the variable we just created. The last column is the number of sexual partners for each participant. This is another variable we created by merging the previous two columns. Now we need to label/clean-up the variables. In DataViewer, click on the tab Variable View at the bottom of the screen. Change the name index1 to gender (i.e., type over the existing label) For the gender variable, click on the cell under the column values Type 1 for the Value and male for the value label. Repeat this for female using 2 as the value. Make sure you click Add before clicking OK ....
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PSY 031 taught by Professor Dicorcia during the Spring '08 term at Tufts.

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Lab 2 Answers_Spring08 - Name: ________ ANSWERS ___________...

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