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Answers_Lab 1_Spring08

Answers_Lab 1_Spring08 - Name PSY031 Spring08 Lab#1 ANSWERS...

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Name: _____________________________ PSY031 – Spring08 L a b # 1 - A N S W E R S Page 1 of 6 Part A. Registering for the Participant Pool Use the instructions provided for using the participant pool. First, register online (Step 1). It will take approximately 10-20 minutes to receive your username and password via e-mail. Go onto Part B while you wait. Before you leave lab, make sure you go back to the instructions to fill out the pre-test questionnaire. The questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes to complete so keep track of time. Part B. Thinking about Experimental Design & Descriptive Statistics I. In a classic psychology study, Rosenthal & Jacobson (1966) examined the effects of an educational self-fulfilling prophecy among elementary school teachers. An educational self- fulfilling prophecy refers to the idea that students may adopt a teacher’s positive or negative attitudes towards them. For example, students who are regularly praised for their behavior may be more likely to excel compared to students who are not praised. To test this effect, Rosenthal & Jacobson administered an IQ test (with scores from 0 – 200) to a sample of elementary school students. Teachers were told that the results of the IQ test would show which students were likely to “bloom” intellectually during the school year. Each teacher was then given a list of “bloomers” who were enrolled in their class for the upcoming school year. The researchers randomly assigned the students to the “bloomers” group or to the “non- bloomers” group. The IQ test was readministered at the end of the school year. The researchers compared the students’ IQ scores to see if there was a change. Results indicated that for 1 st and 2 nd graders, the students whose teachers expected them to “bloom” actually showed an increase in their IQ scores. a) What is/are the IV(s)? Only 1 IV - - Information told to the teachers b) What are the levels? Two levels - - teachers were told that the student was a bloomer or a non-bloomer
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Name: _____________________________ PSY031 – Spring08 L a b # 1 - A N S W E R S Page 2 of 6 c) What is/are the DV(s)? Make sure to operationally define each DV. The DV is the child’s score on the particular IQ test with scores ranging from 0 – 200. (not the best answer but also acceptable - - change scores on IQ test = ratio data b/c dealing with difference scores - - not the best answer b/c originally dealing with an interval scale). d)
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Answers_Lab 1_Spring08 - Name PSY031 Spring08 Lab#1 ANSWERS...

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