Make sure to label your two points 4 what percentage

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Unformatted text preview: e regression line. Make sure to label your two points. 4) What percentage of variability in time to recovery can be explained by support? R 2 = r 2 This means that roughly 29% of the variability can be explained in terms of social support. = .2959 29.59% 5) What is the proportion increase in prediction (PIP)? Calculate by hand and explain what this value represents. PIP = 1 - 1 - r 2 = .1608 = 16.08% Our estimate of time to recovery is 16.08% more accurate when we know the person's level of social support. Page 3 of 5 Name: _____________________________________ Lab #3 Spring08 6) What is the standard error of the estimate (from SPSS, under Model Summary)? 26.64945 Model Summary Model 1 R R Square .544a .296 Adjusted R Square .287 Std. Error of the Estimate 26.64945 a. Predictors: (Constant), support 7) Complete the following: Rachel just joined this ongoing...
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