Not knowing anything about her level of social

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Unformatted text preview: study. Not knowing anything about her level of social support, what is your best estimate of her time to recovery (assume that demographically and medically she is typical of the rest of your sample). The mean for our sample of time in months to recovery, which is 46.3627 months. Obviously it is unlikely that she will recover in exactly these many months. What is your best estimate of variability around this prediction (conceptually, and the actual value)? The standard deviation, which is 31.56711 Now consider her level of social support. You know that her level of social support is higher than the average for your sample. Does this change what your estimate of her recovery time? Why? What is your measure of variability (or accuracy) in this estimate? We would adjust our prediction and guess that she will recover in less than the average number of months, since we know that social support is negatively correlated with recovery time and that she scored higher than average on the social support scale....
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