The skewness value was 0716 to determine the

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Unformatted text preview: e skewness value was 0.716. To determine the magnitude of the skew, you take that value and divide it by its standard error (2.74). This number is greater than 2 so the distribution has a large skew. For normality, you take the kurtosis value and divide it by its standard error (-0.578). This number is less than 1 which indicates that although the distribution does have a bit too few values in the tail (particularly on the lower end) and in the middle (see graph), it is not different enough to consider it vastly different than a normal distribution. Correlation & Regression. Next we will examine whether there is an association between social support and time to recovery, and whether time to recovery could have been predicted by the social support scores. On the toolbar, click on ANALYZE > CORRELATE > BIVA...
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