We cannot say anything about causation now we will

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Unformatted text preview: We cannot say anything about causation. Now, we will investigate whether or not time to recovery can be predicted from level of social support. On the toolbar, click on ANALYZE > REGRESSION > LINEAR REGRESSION. Move TIME to the "Dependent" box and SUPPORT over to the "Independents" box. Click on OK You can find the results of your regression in the box labeled Coefficients. (Constant) refers to the yintercept of your regression equation, and beneath that the Support number is your slope. 2) What is your regression equation? Coefficientsa Unstandardized Coefficients B Std. Error 82.663 6.794 -7.417 1.256 Standardized Coefficients Beta -.544 ^ Y = a + b( X ) = 82.663 + (-7.417) X Model 1 (Constant) support t 12.168 -5.904 Sig. .000 .000 a. Dependent Variable: Time (months) 3) On the provided scatter plot (see page 4), find two points and graph th...
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