2 if you add 100ml water to your prepared solution

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Unformatted text preview: of Mn2+ ions. 2. If you add 100mL water to your prepared solution, the resulting sample = 0.025M. 3. You remove 10mL from the prepared solution (A). This 10mL sample = 0.01M. 2. √ √ Below are the electron configurations for the ions Mn2+ and Pb2+ and their elements. Will solutions of MnSO4 and PbBr2 be colored or colorless? note: sulfate and bromide ions are colorless. Elemen Electron t Configuration of element Mn [Ar] 4s23d5 Pb Ion Electron Solution Configuration of Ion Mn2+ [Ar]3d5 Mn(SO4) [Xe]6s25d106p2 Pb2+ Colored...
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