Fall 2012 Midterm 3 Solutions

0 cm carries a current of 025 amps the wires are

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Unformatted text preview: s a current of 0.25 Amps. The wires are wrapped around a core with a relative permeability of 60. What percentage of the magnetic field within the core of the toroid is produced by atomic currents? A) 37% B) 98% C) 63% D) 1.3% E) 0% Version 1 Page 3 7. Two of Maxwell's equations contain a path integral on the left side and an area integral on the right. These equations require that: A) the area must be well-separated from the path B) the path must be along a field line and the area must be perpendicular to the field line C) the area must be flat and contain the path See figure 29.21 (page 975) for a diagram D) the path must pierce through the area illustrating a path around the boundary of a E) the path must be the boundary of the area non-flat surface. Also, recall the giant "windsock" demo. 8. Find the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field produced at point P by the current element shown in the diagram. The lengths in the diagram are x1=40 cm and z1=30 cm. The current is 5 amps and the current element is 1 cm long. (Note that in the coordinate system pictured in the diagram the y axis points into the page). A) B) C) D) E) 5.3 x 10-5 T in negative z direction 3.4 x 10-7 T in negative y direction 9.1 x 10-8 T in negative x direction 0 Tesla 1.2 x 10-8 T in negative y direction Version 1 Page 4 9. The resistance R in the rail gun pictured below is initially 100 Ohms. Consider what happens to the terminal velocity vt and the initial acceleration a0 at time t=0 if we replace this resistor with one that is 200 Ohms. (t=0 is t...
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