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PDE6_Water_Resource - CEE111 Practice Design Exercise 6...

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CEE111 Practice Design Exercise 6 Design of a Water Resource System Important note: A slight variation of this problem is covered extensively in Chapter 11 of the text. The reservoir shown in the figure below serves a number of functions for the region: 1. The reservoir itself serves a recreational purpose as a popular boating attraction. As such, it is important to maintain the water level in the reservoir at a reasonably constant level. 2. Water drawn from the reservoir is used to irrigate crops that provide the main source of income to the region. 3. Water discharged into the stream from the reservoir through the turbines of the hydroelectric plant produces electricity for the region; any electricity generated that is
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over and above the needs of the region can be sold to provide additional revenue to the region. 4. Water released into the stream is used to help keep downstream BOD levels within tolerable levels, as well as preserving natural habitat downstream of the dam. However, because communities downstream of the dam abut the shores of the stream, the flow in the stream must be kept below that which might cause flooding. You have been asked to develop management options for the operation of the reservoir and its various uses. Specifically, you have be charged with determining, for the course of the next six month period, alternative strategies for the monthly allocations of water to irrigation, power generation, and storage. These strategies should clearly identify any trade offs among the various functions of the reservoir system. To assist you, the following information has been collected: 1. Projected inflow to the reservoir during month i , i I Month i I (Acre ft) 1 300 2 250 3 350 4 200 5 180 6 150 2. Optimal target for irrigation needs during month i , i T Month i T (Acre ft) 1 50 2 50 3 50 4 40 5 30 6 60 3.
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PDE6_Water_Resource - CEE111 Practice Design Exercise 6...

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