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Unformatted text preview: uses. Specifically, you have be charged with determining, for the course of the next six‐ month period, alternative strategies for the monthly allocations of water to irrigation, power generation, and storage. These strategies should clearly identify any trade‐offs among the various functions of the reservoir system. To assist you, the following information has been collected: 1. Projected inflow to the reservoir during month i, I i Month I i (Acre‐ft) 1 300 2 250 3 350 4 200 5 180 6 150 2. Optimal target for irrigation needs during month i, Ti Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 Ti (Acre‐ft) 50 50 50 40 30 60 3. Reservoir Properties Reservoir Capacity, C : 500 Acre‐ft Reservoir Surface Area, A : 50 Acres Reservoir Profile: Flat Bottom (i.e., constant depth to water surface) Volume of water in reservoir at beginning of month 1, S 0 : 350 Acre‐ft 4. Stream Requirements Largest desirable monthly stream flow, E : 40 Acre‐ft Smallest desirable monthly stream flow, F : 20 Acre‐ft 5. Power Requirements Minimum power generation from hydroelectric plant over six‐month period, Q : 200 kwhr Power generation formula: P 100 HX where P power generated (kwhr) H average vertical distance that water falls (ft) X amount of water falling (Acre...
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