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Unformatted text preview: not exceed $10,000. In addition to this budget condition, other engineering specifications must be maintained in the design: 1. The stress in any member of the truss cannot exceed the yield stress, fY . 2. In order to avoid the possibility of a buckling collapse, the compressive load in compression members cannot exceed the Euler critical buckling load, PCR . 3. The vertical displacement at joint 6, under the applied load of 2,000 lb (neglecting the weight of the structure itself), cannot exceed 0.013 inches; i.e., 0.013 in (see Figure 2). 1 2 4 5 3 6 2000 lb Figure 2. Displacement at Joint 6 4. The cross‐sectional area of any bar used in the construction cannot be less than 0.5 in2. Design Exercise Part A Formulate the least cost engineering design of the truss as a linear programming problem, under the restriction that all members must have the same cross‐sectional area. Use Excel Solver to identify the optimal (i.e., least cost) design. Design Exercise Part B Formulate the least cost engi...
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