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Unformatted text preview: Profile: Flat Bottom (i.e., constant depth to water surface) Volume of water in reservoir at beginning of month 1, S 0 : 350 Acre‐ft 4. Stream Requirements Largest desirable monthly stream flow, E : 40 Acre‐ft Smallest desirable monthly stream flow, F : 20 Acre‐ft 5. Power Requirements Minimum power generation from hydroelectric plant over six‐month period, Q : 200 kwhr Power generation formula: P 100 HX where P power generated (kwhr) H average vertical distance that water falls (ft) X amount of water falling (Acre‐ft) For any given month i, the following approximate formula holds: Pi 100 H i X i where Pi power generated during month i (kwhr) H i average vertical distance that water falls during month i (ft) hi hi 1 2 , where hi denotes the depth of water at the end of month i X i amount of water discharged through the turbines during month i (Acre‐ft) 6. Reservoir End Point Requirement The amount of water stored in the reservoir at the end of the six‐month period must be within 20% of the amount of water stored at the beginning of the six‐ month period. Design Goals: There are four goals for operation of the reservoir system: 1. Minimize the maximum fluctuation of water stored in the dam over the six‐month period. 2. Maximize the amount of hydroelectric power produced during the six‐month period. 3. Maximize the crop output by minimizing the maximum deviation from the targeted amount of irrigated water supplied each month. 4. Minimize the amount of monthly outflow to the stream that falls outside the desirable limits. Design Exercise: 1. Determine the optimal operation of the reservoir system under each of the goals specified. See Spreadsheet “Hydroelectric_Power_Multiobjective_Example.xlsx” 2. Develop plots of the trade‐offs between the following pairs of objectives for the various operating policies a. Minim...
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