M114 Solutions-Chapters 1-4

M114 Solutions-Chapters 1-4 - ANSWERS TO SELECTED EXERCISES...

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Chapter 1 1.1 a. Americans b, c, d. Answers will vary 1.2 a. university students b. 1,746 c. 82% like to snack at home d. Multiple answers 1.3 a. employed American adults b. U.S. Labor Department c. number of cashiers surveyed in 1996; median hourly pay rate 1.5 a. American travelers on trips of 100 miles or more b. 38-year-old male, income $50,000 or more, trav- els by car between 100 and 300 miles, usually to visit friends or relatives and stays at their homes 1.6 a. American adults b. within 6 4% c. Actual percentage could range from 50% to 58% 1.9 a. descriptive b. inferential 1.11 a. U.S.A. drivers b. 837 c. has driver ever had to suddenly swerve, inadver- tently speeded up, know someone who had crash while talking on cellphone d. 41% of those surveyed said they had inadver- tently speeded up e. 0.41(837) 5 343 1.13 a. 45% b. Percentages are from different groups 1.15 a. took samples from various spots in the bay b. new pollution laws enacted 1.16 population: all U.S. adults; sample: 1200 adults; vari- able: “allergy status”; one data: yes, dust; data: set of yes/no responses or allergies; experiment: method to select the adults; parameter: percent of all U.S. adults with an allergy, 36%; statistic: 33.2% based on sample 1.17 Parameter has one speciFc value. Statistics vary by sample. 1.18 c. Sample averages vary less for samples of size 10— the larger sample size 1.19 ZIP code, gender, highest level of education 1.20 annual income, age, distance to store 1.21 marital status, ZIP code 1.22 highest level of education, rating for Frst impression 1.23 a. Scores are counted. b. Time is measured. 1.24 a. gender, nominal b. height, continuous 1.25 a. residents of Lee County, ±lorida b. households of Lee County, residents, registered adults c. income, age, political afFliation d. income, continuous; age, continuous; political af- Fliation, nominal e. Collected data were counted by categories. 1.27 a. severity of side-effects b. ordinal 1.29 a. all individuals who have hypertension and use prescription drugs to control it b. 5,000 in study c. proportion of population for which drug is effec- tive d. proportion of the sample for which the drug is effective, 80% e. no 1.31 a. all assembled parts from the assembly line b. inFnite c. parts checked d. attribute, attribute, numerical 1.33 a. all people suffering from migraine headaches b. 2,633 people given the drug c. amount of drug dosage, the side effects encoun- tered d. dosage, quantitative; type of side effects, qualita- tive 1.35 a. numerical b. attribute c. numerical d. attribute e. numerical f. numerical 1.37 a. The population contains all objects of interest; sample contains only those actually studied. b. convenience, availability, practicality 1.39 football players, cover a wider range of values 1.41 Price/standard unit makes price the only variable. 1.43 c. Sample size of 4 shows more variability. d. Sample size of 10, less variability 1.44 Answers include reference to an economic bias.
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M114 Solutions-Chapters 1-4 - ANSWERS TO SELECTED EXERCISES...

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