Premask post mask g ifft2postmask output colormap

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Unformatted text preview: all smax = 20; % max spatial coordinate theta0 = 0.005236; % = (1E-4)*(2*pi/(6E-1))*(5) N = 2^8+1; % discretization s = linspace(-smax,smax,N); % spatial coordinate vector theta = zeros(N); % initialize theta function % define extent of nucleus for m = 1:N; for n = 1:N; if(abs(s(m)) < 10 && abs(s(n)) < 10) theta(m,n) = theta0; end; end; end; f = exp(i*theta); % input field, within constant phase pre_mask = fft2(f); % calculate field just before mask mask = ones(N); % initialize mask to perfect transmission mask(1,1) = i; % modify select element of mask post_mask = mask.*pre_mask; % post-mask g = ifft2(post_mask); % output colormap gray; ext = [-smax smax -smax smax]; subplot(5,2,1); pcolor(s,s,theta); ... title(’theta’); shading flat; axis equal; axis(ext); subplot(5,2,2); pcolor(s,s,abs(f).^2); title(’|f|^2’); shading flat; axis equal; axis(ext); subplot(5,2,3); pcolor(s,s,real(fftshift(pre_mask))); title(’Re(p_{<mask})’); shading flat; axis equal; axis(ext/10); subplot(5,2,4); pcolor(s,s,imag(fftshift(pre_mask))); title(’Im(p_{<mask})’); shading flat; axis...
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