Using conservation of energy kei pei ke f pe f so

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Unformatted text preview: t of 2.00REarth above the surface of the Earth. What is the velocity of the mass just before it hits the ground? Assume the Earth is static during the event and the drag from the atmosphere is negligible. [MEarth=5.97x1024 kg, REarth=6.38x106 m, G=6.67x10 ­11 Nm2/kg2] Solution: The initial distance from the center of the Earth is 3.00REarth, and the final distance is REarth. Using conservation of energy, KEi + PEi = KE f + PE f , so 0! GMm 1 GMm = mv 2 ! , or f 3.0 REarth 2 REarth 4.0GM 4.0(6.67x10 !11 )(5....
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