Exam1_Key_2007 - All work must be shown All writing must be...

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All work must be shown. All writing must be legible, if I can’t read it, it is wrong. All work must be contained on the pages of the exam and the attached calculation sheets. No open books, no additional notes (except the 3”x5” card); keep your eyes on your own papers. Write your name and the last four digits of your student number on each page and sign each page Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer” Muhammad Ali
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PETE 2032 Hr. Exam No. 1 Last Four Numbers of Student ID _________________ I attest and affirm that the work contained on this document is my on. Signature ______________________________________________ 1 2. Circle the correct answer or fill in the blank (15 pts) a. The proper name for CH 3 -CH 2 -CH-CH 2 -CH-CH 3 _2,4 dimethyl hexane l l CH 3 CH 3 b. For a single component system, liquid (can/cannot) exist above the critical point c. For a pure substance and isothermal conditions, the pressure (does/does not) change between the bubble point and the dew point. 1. Matching (15 pts) _I ____Charles Equation A. a “family” of organic chemical in which the members have similar molecular structures and have grade physical properties which differ according to the number of carbon atoms. _J ____Boyles Equation B. a hydrocarbon which has a carbon-carbon double bond in its structure. _A ____homologous series C. C n H 2n+2 _B ____olefin D. organic colorless gas with a very bad odor, general formula of RSH, where R can represent any organic group. Very useful as a leak detector in natural gas. _C ____paraffin series E. sharing of electrons between atoms – attraction of electrons to nuclei. _F
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Exam1_Key_2007 - All work must be shown All writing must be...

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