Smc 4 qs set equal to p 24 so q 20 it should be less

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Unformatted text preview: ica? SMC = 4 + QS set equal to P = 24, so Q = 20. It should be less because of the negative effect on others, less should be produced, optimally. D) Provide a graph and label axes, lines, and outcomes from A) and C). UWM Econ 328 Professor Grant Spring 2014 3) Provision of Public Goods A neighborhood that consists of 100 individuals is trying to construct a communal flagpole, which will be a public good. They are trying to decide how high of a pole to construct. The price per foot of the pole is P = $10, and each individual has his/her own demand curve Q = 15 – P, which is the same for all individuals, and Q is the height measured in f...
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