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3 equilibrium is solutes on opposite sides of a

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Unformatted text preview: cross&the&membrane…& hypotonic hypertonic __________& ____________& DIFFUSION ACROSS A LIPID BILAYER. isotonic ___________& OSMOSIS. 1. Start with more solute 1. Start with different 2. Solutes diffuse across the membrane— each undergoes a net movement along its own concentration gradient. movement from the region of low concentration of solute to the region of high concentration.. 3. Equilibrium is solutes on opposite sides of a lipid bilayer. Both molecules diffuse freely across bilayer. 2. Water undergoes a net on one side of the lipid bilayer than the other, using molecules that cannot cross the selectively permeable membrane.. Lipid bilayer. established. Solutes continue to move back and forth across the membrane but at equal rates. Osmosis:&&Diffusion&of&H2O&across&a&semiHpermeable&membrane& Diffusion&of&solutes&across&a&__________________________& semi-permeable membrane 4& 2/17/13& Figure 6-16 Osmosis ___________& Hypertonic solution. Hypotonic solution. Net flow of water out of cell; cell shrinks. Net flow of water into cell; cell swells or even bursts. Isotonic solution. No change. Liposomes ____________:&&am...
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