ABIO Lecture 12 6 slides per page

ABIO Lecture 12 6 slides per page

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Unformatted text preview: ment of …. 1. GLUT-1 is a transmembrane transport protein, shown with its binding site facing outside the cell.. 2. Glucose binds to GLUT-1 from outside the cell. 3. A conformational change results, transporting glucose to the interior. 4. Glucose is released inside the cell. YES. Figure 6-27 Figure 6-29 Diffusion . Facilitated diffusion . AcKve.Transport. Active transport . HOW THE SODIUM-POTASSIUM PUMP (Na+/K+- ATPase) WORKS . Outside cell . Outside cell . Inside cell . Inside cell . Passive movement of small, uncharged molecules along an electrochemical gradient, through a membrane. Passive movement of …. no yes 1. Three binding sites within Active movement of …. the protein have a high affinity for sodium ions. . Phosphate group . 2. Three sodium ions from the inside of the cell bind to these sites. . 3. A phosphate group from ATP binds to the protein. In response, the protein changes shape. . 4. The sodium ions leave the protein and diffuse to the exterior of the cell. . yes Figure 6-28-1 AcKve....
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