Week 7.2 PreF2F Movie Assignment Feedback

Nemo does this a second time anyway and succeeds in

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Unformatted text preview: es this a second time anyway and succeeds in stopping the filter, which is all part of their plan to escape. Since Nemo succeeded, this makes the feedback effective. Also because Nemo learned to be brave and c) stopped you learn from your examples that you can apply in your own life when it comes to feedback? What did the filter. 3. One of the sharks smells Dory's blood when Marlin accidentally hurts her nose. The I learned that in most of these situations where some sort of feedback or advice not resist and feedback was not effective because when the shark smelled the blood he could was given, the ones who benefited from the feedback were the ones that actually took it. I can apply this tried attacking Dory. to my own life by always at least consideringnot touching the boat even though he knew it 4. Nemo didn't take his fathers advice about taking feedback/advice when given to me. was dangerous. This was ineffective because Nemo touched the boat anyway and then got captured by the fishermen....
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