Biochemical Assessment of Cu Status

Hypercholesterolemia abnormal ecg pattern neutropenia

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Unformatted text preview: cal – Cu metabolism regulated by fecal excretion of endogenous Cu Cu Deficiency • Very rare – PEM, prolonged TPN • Not described in general population • Genetic disorder – Menkes disease – absorption defect Margical Cu Deficiency • Anemia, decreased ceruloplasmin, decreased CuZnSOD, hypercholesterolemia, abnormal ECG pattern, neutropenia, cardiac hypertrophy Cu Toxicity • Wilson’s disease – Cu accumulates in liver and other tissues (brain) Assessment of Cu Status • Difficult • No consensus on best method to use Serum/Plasma Cu • Traditional and most common • Findings – clinical assessment of severe Cu deficiency • Sample collection and analysis – trace- element- free containers, fasting samples, processing time • Method – atomic absorption spectrophotometry • Females higher leve...
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