Biochemical Assessment of Iron Status

Biochemical Assessment of Iron Status

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Unformatted text preview: ur effects include pica • functional effects include fatigue, impaired work performance • impairment is generally seen to occur only in IDA Impaired Psychomotor Development in Infants • several studies suggest that ID during the first two years of life can significantly impair mental and motor development Stages of Fe Deficiency • Often Fe deficiency is divided into three stages depending on severity: o Fe depletion – iron stores decreasing – no functional Fe loss o Fe deficient erythropoiesis – RBCs not producing well – some depletion of functional iron o Fe deficiency anemia – no iron stores, severe depletion of functional iron – low hemoglobin Fe depletion • Progressive reduction in Fe stores • Fewer stores but no functional changes • Indicates marginal balance that could progress to more severe deficiency with physiological consequences Fe deficient erythropoiesis • Sustained reduction in plasma Fe supply to developing erythrocytes • Body Fe stores are depleted and depletion of functional pool commences • Characterized by biochemical changes which reflect a lack of Fe for normal production of hemoglobin...
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