Biochemical Assessment of Iron Status

Git skin bile mucosa from gut urinary o urinary loss

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Unformatted text preview: tosolic Fe • Small amounts of ferritin are found in plasma with concentrations proportional to Fe stores Hemosiderin • Usually seen in states of Fe overload • When ferritin accumulates about 4000 Fe atoms it denatures and aggregates to form hemosiderin • Hemosiderin is not water soluble and its Fe is less available for use than ferritin- bound Fe • Hemochromatosis is an inherited defect in the mucosal absorption of Fe, more is absorbed leading to Fe overload • Fe stored as hemosiderin accumulates in liver, pancreas, skin and joints Fe Elimination and Abnormal Losses Excretion of Fe • Fecal loss o Fe in bile not salvaged o Blood loss from GI tract o Fe trapped in sloughed mucosal intestinal cells Fe Losses • GIT • Skin • Bile • Mucosa from gut • Urinary o Urinary loss increases with: ! Proteinuria ! Hematuria ! Hemoglobinuria Other Areas of Loss • Bleeding: o Chronic loss of small volumes of blood o Developing world – hookworm infestation causes chronic blood loss as nematodes feed on intestinal mucosa • • • Other causes of...
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