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Biochemical Assessment of Iron Status

Life can significantly impair mental and motor

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Unformatted text preview: sts require more iron for hemoglobin synthesis more transferrin receptors are found on cell membranes and in plasma. Heme/Hemoglobin Synthesis Heme (in mitochondria) • " " Protoporphyrinogen "" Protoporphyrin III " Heme • Enzyme ferro chelatase catalyzes reaction Protoporphyrin III " Heme - Fe2+ needed for this enzyme to function • Heme is the functional site in hemoglobin, myoglobin and heme containing enzymes Hemoglobin • Heme incorporates globin molecule: Heme " Globin • 2α + 2β globin " hemoglobin • reticulocytes are released into circulation and develop into mature erthyrocytes Clinical Aspects of Iron Nutrition • common practice to define level if iron deficiency severity depending on presence or absence of anemia • more advanced iron deficiency is accompanied by a reduction in packed cell volume or decreased hemoglobin concentrations – iron deficiency anemia (IDA) • evidence of milder iron deficiency, without anemia, may be referred to as iron deficiency (ID) Effects of Iron Deficiency • physical effects include anemia, angular stomatitis, glossitis, koilonychia (spoon nails) • behavio...
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