Biochemical Assessment of Iron Status

Microcytic small rbc in iron deficiency as well as

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Unformatted text preview: (but no anemia) Fe deficiency anemia • Most advanced stage of iron deficiency in which normal red cells are replaced by hypochromic microcytic cells • Depletion of iron stores, decrease in circulating iron • Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia Common definitions of iron deficiency anemia: • Anemia with biochemical evidence of concurrent iron deficiency • [Hemoglobin] less than 2 SD below mean of healthy population of the same sex, age, physiological state and altitude • Anemia which can be improved by 10g/L Hb, following 1- 2 months of oral iron supplementation Laboratory Assessment of Fe Status • Technology evolving • No single test or combination of tests is suitable for all purposes • Depends on severity of deficiency, age, and sex of target population, potential for associated disease Hematological Tests Hemoglobin • Measure of functional Fe in body • Most commonly used screening test for anemia in primary are and field surveys (hemocue) • Easy and inexpensive, but need for proper training and standardization • Sensitivity: low, poor, detects only third stage (only appears late in deficiency)...
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