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Descriptive Analysis

Be something that a reference can easily be found for

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Unformatted text preview: ng to be evaluating – get them to taste them • may want to include products that are in test but also some that are the same type of product • individually, panellists write down all descriptors of the products o products encompass a wide range of products under review o look at differences between products ! don’t develop a dictionary o want to develop a language that will be used for the panel o language development can be by: ! consensus training ! ballot training ! combination of consensus and ballot training o types of language used in panel: ! consumer language ! lexical language ! scientific language o want consensus in: ! words ! meanings ! methods of evaluation o terms used must be ! discriminate ! be nonredundant ! relate to instrumental measures if desired ! be singular ! be something that a reference can easily be found for o outcomes of the attribute generation stage ! precisely defined terms ! all attributes to be encountered a...
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