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Sensory Threshold Testing

Frequency is plotted against concentration regression

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Unformatted text preview: n of a specific additive • standard stimulus compared with comparison stimulus an equal number of times • standard usually a blank • have solutions of increasing concentration you are comparing back to original stimulus • count up number of times people get a response right • frequency is plotted against concentration • regression analysis is conducted to find 50% threshold • psychometric function Method of Limits • more precise than frequency method • threshold is determined by approaching and receding from the stimulus by small concentration steps • threshold is the point when the response shifts • if series is ascending – error of anticipation • if series is descending – error of habituation • set up as forced choice experiment to remove errors • can have 2 (paired comparison) or 3 (triangle) • can start with a warm up sample (at suprathreshold) to familiarize panellists o so they know what stimulus...
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