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Unformatted text preview: egory scale) • appropriateness of intensity o just about right o relative to ideal Developing Questionnaires • taste your samples o need to know what food tastes like • what characteristics are important o what you want to look for • will consumers understand these characteristics o what words would people use • write the questionnaire o attributes and scale • have the questionnaire checked • recheck it yourself • run the test Questionnaire Design • determine the objective and then determine the minimum number of questions that you can ask to meet this objective • keep the questions clear and similar in style o scales must go in the same direction • think about your audience – age, ability • questions must relate to attributes that are detectable in the samples • ask questions in order of appearance of attributes • lump sensations together – ask all questions about flavour together, etc. • ask questions about attributes you have control over • overall liking – first or last Analysis of Affective Tests • dependent variable – what you are studying o what you ask panellists, ie. acceptability • independent variable – what you are manipulating o manipulating product • is there a difference in the dependent variable(s) based on the independent variable • ANOVA o compute the variance: ! between/among groups or treatments ! compare with the error (within treatment variance) o null hypothesis: no difference between products o reject the null hypothesis " perform multiple comparison o do not rejec...
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