Measuring sensation

Texture crisp higher pitched sound first bite crunchy

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Unformatted text preview: • enhancement – synergy, hyperadditivity Taste Inhibition • physiologically – at taste receptors in mouth o ex: bitter and salt together inhibits bitterness at the receptor site • cognitive – in brain o ex: bitter and sweet together cause them both to be perceived as less intense Mixture Enhancement or Synergy • MSG + ribosides – enhancement of umami flavour o physiological enhancement at taste receptors • sweeteners o artificial sweeteners – want proper blend – get synergy and masking because the sweetness changes over time • addition of salt to sugar/sweet products o at very low concentrations, NaCl is not just salty, but sweet Texture • all the rheological and structural (geometric and surface) attributes of the product perceptible by means of mechanical, tactile, and, where appropriate, visual and auditory receptors...
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