Measuring sensation

May explain individual differences in food

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Unformatted text preview: sweet masks bitter or could be because of taste physiology ethnicity o in children: African- American children liked sweeter cereal than white children o in adults, ethnicity is more significant than genetics o cultural forces and experience override genetics familiarity o exposure to different flavours (breastmilk, amniotic fluid) ! may explain individual differences in food acceptability later in life other factors: o hunger – more sensitive when hungry o health – those with Parkinson’s like sweet foods due to dopamine o gender o alcohol Supertasters • more fungiform papillae • have PP or PA gene • ~ 1 in 4 are supertasters • mostly women • decrease in preference of sweet foods and fat foods (females) • decreased BMI • experience more chemical irritation • more enervation around taste buds Olfaction • very powerful and sensitive sense o 10,000 different compounds can be differentiated based on aroma • strong memory link o tip of the tongue phenomena Perception • odour compounds enter the nose o retronasally o orthonasally • odours come into the nose – make con...
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