2012.04.30 - ECON1101, Week 9 Lecture Notes

9 14 invisible hand when facing losses figure 95 a

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Unformatted text preview: f zero, or a normal profit. 9-14 INVISIBLE HAND WHEN FACING LOSSES Figure 9.5 A short-run economic loss in the apple market At an equilibrium price of $1 per kilogram (a), the typical orchard earns an economic loss of $21 000 per year (b). 9-15 INVISIBLE HAND WHEN FACING LOSSES Figure 9.6 Equilibrium when growers cease exiting the apple market Growers will cease to exit once price rises to the minimum value of ATC. At that point all growers earn an economic profit of zero, or a normal profit. 9-16 LONG RUN SUPPLY IN A COMPETITIVE MARKET !  SR Supply curve for a profit maximising firm in a competitive market is its MC curve !  LR adjustments can be made including firms entering...
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