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I will often ask you to confer with your neighbors

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Unformatted text preview: urchased an i >clicker for a previous course, they are available from the University of Guelph Bookstore. The Bookstore stocks the i >clicker2 but you will be able to use the i>clicker1 if you already own one. It is your responsibility to ensure that your clicker is registered and functional. To register, go to this link: On the right hand side of the screen, under the Resources heading, click on the Student i>clicker Registration link. Log in and follow the instructions. Tutorial Manual The BIOL*2060 Tutorial Manual (goldenrod- colored cover) is required for the course and will be available for sale. Dates and times that they will be sold will be posted on the course website and in the Science Complex. Please bring your Tutorial Manual with you to every tutorial. Spreadsheet and Word Processing Software The assignments will involve handling and analyzing data, as well as writing reports. You will need access to spreadsheet and word processing software that is compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel. These programs are available to download for free from the Computing and Communication Services (CCS) website. They are also installed on the laptops available at the University of Guelph Library and on the desktops in the CBS computer laboratories. V. Lectures There will be assigned readings (portions of a SimUText chapter) for each lecture. I expect you to complete these readings **PRIOR** to each lecture. Each lecture will begin with a graded i>clicker question that y...
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