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If you didnt complete your individual tutorial

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Unformatted text preview: ou should be able to answer if you have 4 completed the readings. This will allow us to spend our lecture time clarifying, extending, and applying the concepts from the assigned reading. I will often ask you to confer with your neighbors during lecture. I do this because research shows that students who work with their neighbors to answer questions in class score better on exams than students who do not interact with their peers. VI. Tutorials Week Tutorial Topic Tutorial 1 (Sept. 11- 12) Introduction & Birdfeeder Birds I Tutorial 2 (Sept. 18- 19) Birdfeeder Birds II Field Trip! Dress appropriately! Tutorial 3 (Sept. 25- 26) Reading Scientific Papers Tutorial 4 (Oct. 2- 3) Writing a Literature Review Tutorial 5 (Oct. 9- 10) Observations to Hypotheses, Predictions, and Experimental Design Tutorial 6 (Oct. 16- 17) Population Cycles I Tutorial 7 (Oct. 23- 24) Population Cycles II Tutorial 8 (Oct. 30- 31) Research Proposals I Tutorial 9 (Nov. 6- 7) Research Proposals II Tutorial 10 (Nov. 13- 14) Research Proposals III Each student will be assigned to a tutorial group with three other students and will remain with that group for the semester. There will be ten tutorials during the semester, and you are expected to attend them all. Each tutorial will include some or all of the following activities: i) advance preparation on an individual basis, ii) a small group discussion to answer a series of questions on a worksheet, with TA assistance, iii) an oral presentation by each group to the tutorial section, and iv) submission of the completed worksheet(s). Materials for each tutorial session will be available in the Tutorial Manual. Be sure to complete any...
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