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We will begin the graded clicker questions in lecture

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Unformatted text preview: Population Growth SECTION IV: Competition Predation, Herbivory and Parasitism SECTION V: Community Dynamics Ecosystem Ecology ***You will receive an email with instructions for purchasing SimUText. The instructions will also be posted on the course D2L site. *** Reading assignments for each lecture will be posted in a separate document on the course website. Reading assignments should be completed PRIOR to each lecture (see V. Lectures, below, for more details). At the end of each SimUText section, you will have the option to submit your responses to questions. The answers to these questions will be released to provide you with 3 feedback on your comprehension of course material, but they will not be used to calculate your grade for the course. i>clickers To facilitate interactions and discussions in lecture, we will be using i >clickers (see V. Lectures, below, for more details). Marks will be assigned for participation and correct answers, and they will be uploaded to the course website on a weekly basis so that you can monitor your progress through the semester. We will practice clicker questions in Lecture 2 on Monday, September 9, Lecture 3 on Wednesday, September 11, and Lecture 4 on Friday, September 13. We will begin the graded clicker questions in Lecture 5 on Monday, September 16. The five lowest clicker scores will be dropped at the end of the semester so that you won’t be penalized for missing occasional lectures due to illness or for forgetting to bring your clicker to class. If you have not p...
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