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Unformatted text preview: gnment 4 15% Sunday, November 17 by 11:45 pm i>clicker Questions 10% All semester beginning Monday, September 16 Final Exam 30% Wednesday, December 4 (8:30- 10:30) Tutorial Worksheets Weekly tutorials will take you step by step through the skills needed to complete the four assignments. Assignments Assignments 1 and 3 will focus on summarizing and presenting data in graphs using Excel, and describing your results. Assignments 2 and 4 will allow you to explore how science is done, including searching for primary research journal articles using online databases, summarizing and critically evaluating journal articles in a literature review, and writing a research proposal. i>clicker Questions i>clicker questions will be used in each lecture to test your comprehension of the assigned readings, stimulate participation in class discussions, and enhance your understanding of course content. Midterm and Final Exams The midterm and final exams will include a selection of multiple choice and short answer questions based on all material presented and discussed in lectures, tutorials, assignments, and the assigned portions of the SimUText Ecology chapters. The emphasis of these questions is on comprehension and application of knowledge, not regurgitation of memorized facts. Students are advised to discipline themselves to stay on top of the course material so as to be best prepared for the exams. The questions discussed in lecture will be similar to the kinds of questions that will appear on exams. 6 VIII. Course Policies Aca...
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