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To your questions and concerns about the course take

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Unformatted text preview: review of literature, statement of hypothesis and predictions, appropriate research methodology, and anticipated results) on an ecological topic. III. General Course Expectations We expect you to - take responsibility for your own learning - prepare for and attend class and tutorials regularly 2 - participate enthusiastically in class activities and tutorials - set high standards for your performance in the course - treat others in the course respectfully - turn in work on time - stay informed about course information distributed online - maintain academic integrity You can expect us to - help you become a better learner - create interesting and challenging ways for you to learn about ecology - set high standards for the class - treat you with fairness and respect - promptly respond to your questions and concerns about the course - take an interest in your development as a biologist - be excited and knowledgeable about the course material - grade and hand back your work promptly IV. Required Resources SimUText Ecology Electronic ‘Textbook’ Software We will be using interactive software called SimUText Ecology for BIOL*2060. This software is required, but is much less expensive than a traditional textbook, and is yours to keep for life. SimUText Ecology must be purchased with a credit card and can be downloaded onto your computer. It utilizes text, videos, and interactive simulations to allow you to practice working with concepts we discuss in lecture. Sections of eight SimUText Ecology chapters are assigned: SECTION II: Biogeography Physiological Ecology SECTION III: Life History...
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