BIOL2060 - Lecture 17 - Oct 16, 2013

Introduction to life histories 2 life tables part i

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Unformatted text preview: stories 2. Life tables part I-survivorship 3. Life tables part II-fecundity 4. Applications of life table data to conservation 5. Trade-offs and life history evolution 6. Density-independent population growth 7. Density-dependent population growth 8. Metapopulations 9 What models can we use to predict how the number of individuals in a population will change over time? 2. Models of density-dependent population growth ????????? In density-dependent models, the per capita population growth 10 rate does depend on the population size 5 Models of density-dependent population growth: The logistic growth model # # N && dN = rN%1 − % (( dt $ $ K '' K = carrying capacity 11 € Models of density-independent population growth: Logistic growth model Populus A program for modelling population growth 6 EFFECT OF THE BIOTIC AND ABIOTIC ENVIRONMENT ON THE ABUNDANCE OF ORGANISMS 1. Introduction to life histories 2. Life tables part I-survivorship 3. Life tables part II-f...
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