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BIOL2060 - Lecture 31 - Nov 27, 2013

Bottom up control how do we quantify the strength of

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Unformatted text preview: ttom-up control How do we quantify the strength of trophic interactions? Top-down control White-footed mice Lyme disease infected ticks eat Deer Gypsy moths are eaten by eat Bottom-up control Leaves Acorns (Red oak) COMMUNITIES AND ECOSYSTEMS 1.  What is a community and how do we quantify community structure? 2.  How do communities change over time? 3. Food chains and top-down vs. bottom-up control 4. What stabilizes communities? 5. What is an ecosystem? 6. How do we measure energy flow through an ecosystem I? 7. How do we measure energy flow through an ecosystem II? 10 5 What stabilizes communities? How does a community respond to disturbance? 11 What stabilizes communities? Defining stability -Resistance Text -Return time (amount of time taken for a population -Resilience to “bounce back” after a disturbance) -Persistence (ability for population to remain stable despite there is a disturbance) -Constancy (amount of change a population 12 undergoes over time) persistence = resistance to change 6 What stabilizes communities? Observation: C...
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