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1996 7 ecosystem engineer keystone species that arent

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Unformatted text preview: urce: Power et al. 1996 7 ecosystem engineer = keystone species that AREN’T predators What stabilizes communities? Do non-predator keystone species exist? Ecosystem Engineers -species that stabilizes community by influencing the environment -NOT predators Influence resource availability by modifying, maintaining, and/or creating new habitats that are subsequently used by other organisms. Jones, C. G., J. H. Lawton, and M. Shachak. 1994. Oikos 69:373–386. Examples -Indian Crested Porcupine -Shelter-building caterpillars -Harvester Ants -Woodpeckers Do ecosystem engineers influence community structure? Replicate: Individual white oak trees Experimental Treatments: • Removal of shelters from trees (R) • Artificial shelters constructed (no caterpillars) (R+T) • Artificial shelters plus caterpillars (R+T+C) Lill & Marquis (2003) Ecology 84:682 8 remove shelter = lower species richness extremely small difference between R+T and R+T+C which shows that - Shelter is more influential than ca...
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