BIOL2060 - Lecture 32 - Nov 28, 2013

Hypothesis strong top down interactions stabilize

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Unformatted text preview: ommunities? Hypothesis: Strong top-down interactions stabilize communities -When Pisaster was removed, Mytilus (mussels) colonized most of the available habitat, competitively excluding other species Starfish removal caused species richness to decline from 15 to 8 after 2 years -Species richness declined after 5 years, only 2 species left -Pisaster a keystone species keystone (in architecture) - the middle “stone” in an arch (the middle of a roman arch) What stabilizes communities? Keystone species Keystone -NOT necessarily the dominant species…. -NOT necessarily the most common species -IS the most influential -ex: starfish, alligator, etc... Keystone species influence communities more than would be expected given their abundance So...
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