BIOL2060 - Lecture 29 - Nov 22, 2013

Models of succession relay floristics elay oristics

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Unformatted text preview: o communities change over time? Models of succession: Relay floristics elay floristics comes from nalogy of running relay race. x: weed —> grass —> shrub —>trees Frederick Clements (1930s), Frank Egler (1950s) How do communities change over time? Relay floristics model Mechanism: facilitation • Environment changed by residents • Less suitable for themselves • More suitable for new species ex: moss+shrubs ex: small trees + thicket ex: forest Connell & Slatyer (1977) Am. Nat. 111:1119 7 Initial Floristic model -Assumes that all species exist w/in community already exists in the area OR that the species all come in very shortly after the start of primary succession How do communities change over time? Model of succession: Initial floristics T Te SHIFTING DOMINANCE Frank Egler (1950s) How do communities change over time? Mechanisms of initial floristics: inhibition •  Early occupants modify the environment to prevent establishment of other species •  Succession occurs o...
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