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serotonin adaptive explanations for aggressive

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Unformatted text preview: natives must somehow trace back to one of Noah’s sons. BUT which one?? Revolutionary War, Constitution(⅗ compromise), Bill of Rights, Naturalization acts Why did Race Matter?? ● Immigration ● Slavery ● Land Ownership ● Race is deeply embedded in history of America The Science of Anthropology/Archaeology Begins ● “Speculative Period”(1492- 1840) ● the myth of the moundbuilders ○ Who made the mounds?? ○ ancestors of the indians today ○ ancient people who died off or were replaced by the indians ○ 5 arguments→ they don’t building mountains today,they don’t use it today, too primitive, there’s metal in the mounds, theres tablets found ● gave evidence of trade routes Burial Mound 72 ● 20,000 mother of pearl shell beads ● family buried with a lot of stone weapons from far away ● 40 men decapitated and no hands ● 50 women late teens early 20s Caleb Atwater ● one of the first archaeologists ● 3 different types of artifacts (Hindu’s or India’s?) Thomas...
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