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1969 cant measure heritability by whether or not the

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Unformatted text preview: risk… complications of genetic counseling~ Vocabulary: Dendogram - branch length shows genetic distance me l a n i n pigmentation of skin that absorbs UVR carotene gives orange and yellow skin color h e mo g l o b i n turns skin red when embarrasses or exercizing apocrine sweat that smells eccrine sweat that makes you very wet- not smelly obstetric fistulas prolonged pregnancy that causes tissues to die and leak urine killing baby locus address on chromosome where gene lies incomplete dominance get a mixture of alleles- wavy hair HapMap project looked at SNPs to predict phenotypes from genotype type 1 diabetes child onset- can't produce insulin type 2 diabetes adult onset- insulin resistent anagenisis phyletic evolution where phenotypes change as a whole in population- stay same species candelabra species left Africa and evolved into humans without gene flow Multiregionalism candelabra with enough gene flow to evolve into same species r e p l a ce m e n t only african species survived and they migrated out and from there H. sapiens were formed Holotype single specimen used to name a new species paratype groupe of specimen included in species g e n o me complete set of DNA carried in a single cell sequence the specific nucleotide arrangement of a segment of DNA quantitative genetics looking at how variation is inherited within families Genomics genomics statistical analyses that compare large sequences of DNA ontogeny process of developing throughout entire life Examples for these:??? missense codes for different amino acid nonsense mutations stops coding of proteins frameshift mutation insert a nucleotide that shifts the rest down mtDNA provides energy for cellular function- only passed on by momma molecular clock mutations occur at constant rate...
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