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Unformatted text preview: 4% of all human genes o accounts for 10% of diseases we’ve recognized that have a mendalian pattern of inheritence o Pseudoautosomal region with the Y Chromosome Y Chromosome is much smaller X Chromosome evolutionary history: o evolved from a pair of autosomes 300 million years ago o major characteristics of our X chromosome today evolved before the radiation of mammals~105 million years ago The Y Chromosome o the gene coding portion of the X chromosome is 6 times longer than that of the Y Chromosome o has homologues for 54 of the 1098 genes on the x chromosome o Y essentially does not exchange with the X except for a small region o Y has gained some regions of its own o 15 genes on the Y chromosome have no detectable x chromosome homologue o considerable decay in the non recombining regions Chimpanzee versus human Y chromosome o the human Y chromosome has 54 functional genes that pair with a gene on the X chromosome ● ● ● ● ● ● ● o the chimpanzee has 5 of these 16 (inactivated) compared to the human Y chromosome How: polyandry versus polygny/ pair ponding Alfred Kinsey o 1948 sexual behavior of the human male o 1953 sexual behavior of the human female o Kinsey scale of sexual orientation o 0- maximally heterosexual, 6- maximally homosexual Evidence for a genetic contribution for homosexuality in humans o brothers of male homosexuals were 4 times as likely to be homosexual as well compared to controls o monozygotic twins are concordent for male homosexu...
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