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IB35ACS Study Guide

Alfred russell wallace 1823 1913 same idea as darwin

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Unformatted text preview: ethodology and developed criteria for inferring the processes we cannot see from the results that have been preserved Before Darwin: ● Species arose through a special creation and had not changed since ● The Earth is not very old (John Lightfoot estimated it’s creation at 9am on 23 Oct 4004 BC) ● Linneaus and Cuvier ● Lamark and Hutton Evolution by natural selection in 3 parts: ● The principle of variation ○ There is variation in morphological, physiological, and behavioral traits among members of a species. ● Principle of Heredity ○ The variation is in part heritable, so individuals resemble their relatives more than they resemble unrelated individuals, and, in particular, offspring resemble their parents. ● Principle of Differential Fitness ○ Different variants leave different numbers of offspring either in immediate or in remote generations Science of who is related to whom: ● Phylogenetics- science of describing relationships between organisms and processes behind these relationships. ● Taxonomy- Science of naming and formally classifying groups of organisms. ● Evolutionary lineages Ways to Make Phylogenetic Tr...
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