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Cc 1100 o h sapiens the evidence of cc o living

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Unformatted text preview: the information detailed in the slides Climatic Data ·ȡ 24,000 ya you couldn’t have taken the in/outdoor corridor Pre- clovis ·ȡ before we found clovis Paleoamerican ·ȡ Native Americans that were here before bitch ass Columbus came to poison our nation lol - U should use that answer verbatim on the final lol Paleoamericans are the ancestors of the Native Americans from Columbus’s time. Kennewick Found in Washington, 9,000 years old. morphologically similar to Ainu people of Japan Lecture 6: No class Lecture 7: Variation, speciation, and heritability ● Aristotle: father of biology ● Typological Approach to Variation ○ Plato: something real somewhere else is perfect ○ Linnaeus ○ Taxonomic Nomenclature ■ naming a new species ■ the type specimen (holotype) ● the single specimen designated by an author as the type of a species or lesser taxon at the time of establishing the group ■ the paratypes ● A biological specimen other than a holotype used for the development of the original description of a taxonomic group (new species) ● Species Concepts ○ Biological Species Concept: species are groups of interbreeding natural populations that are reproductively isolated from other groups ■ Defines species as a sexually interbreeding or potentially interbreeding group of individuals normally separated from other species by the absence of genetic exchange,reproductive isolation ■ donkey & horse = mule, mule is not part of horse/donkey b/c ca...
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