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Chinese population matp slc24a5 oca2 and tyrp1 show

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Unformatted text preview: phenotypic variation can be o Monogenic (one gene) o Oligogenic (a few genes) o Polygenic (many genes) o Darwins Black Box ● Mendel’s laws of inheritance, 1865 o Particulate, operates through transmission of discrete bits of self- producing matter o 1. Offspring get their factors equally from both parents. 2. Factors are inherited independently of each other ▪ tested with self fertilized pea plants, true breeding then crossed, 25% recessive gene, Punnett Squares, fundamentals of quantitative genetics o Allele- alternative form of gene at a particular locus o Locus- a particular place on a chromosome o Homozygous: same alleles at a particular locus on homologous chromosomes o Heterozygous- two different alleles at the same gene locus on homologous chromosomes o Dominant and Recessive o Phenotype- observed attributes brought by the interaction of a genotype and environment o Genotype- precise allelic makeup o Autosomal Dominant: o ▪ ▪ Marfan Syndrome: chromosome 15, stretchy skin ▪ Huntington disease Autosomal Recessive: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ▪ ▪ Cystic Fibrosis: lung congestion ▪ albinism Genes Influencing Variation in Skin Pigmentation o DCT, (Chinese) MATP, SLC24A5, OCA2, TYRP1 (all European) o Albinism is monogenic, but phenotype that the affected gene influences is polygenetic o Red hair, Autosomal recessive: M1CR mutation and pheomelanin Codominance. Incomplete Dominance. o Both alleles expressed in a heterozygote Body Shape o Bergmans- Body o...
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