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Conclusions for today o genetic diversity can be

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Unformatted text preview: id light skin evolve? ▪ ▪ Migration away from equator Women are lighter because they have to produce much vitamin D during reproduction (“knife’s edge” of natural selection) o 26 genes involved in determining skin color ▪ KITLG (kit ligand) ● Strong selection for lighter pigmentation ● Europeans and East Asians ● convergence/conserved mechanism in humans and fish ▪ MC1R- regulates melanin production ● Little variation in African but much in European o Pigment in the Neanderthals ▪ Amplified sequence fragment from 2 Netherlands remains ▪ Both have a mutation not found in the 3700 humans studied ▪ Mutation impairs function of MC1R ▪ EVIDENCE OF CONVERGENCE o Genes influencing variation in skin pigmentation ▪ DCT- evidence of selection in a Chinese population ▪ MATP, SLC24A5, OCA2, and TYRP1 show evidence of European selection. o Parallel evolution ▪ Light skin has evolved at least 2 times independent of each other ▪ Light skin of Europeans and Asians is ex of evolutionary convergence ● Conclusio...
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